DRUM TRACKS: Let Daniel provide quality Drum & Percussion Tracks for your songs and other musical works. 
Employing a professional recording facility and with your input and direction, he can deliver a personalized drum performance,
edited and ready for your mix! 
Daniel has played on over 60 CDs/Albums by artists who play Folk Rock,, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Jazz, African Pop,
Latin, Jazz, Country, Klezmer, R & B and Hip Hop. He likely has the knowledge, taste and touch for your music! 
Contact Daniel about your Drum Track needs at db@danielbarnesmusic.com

LESSONS: Let Daniel impart his technical know how of drumming, his practical experience of working in the industry, or his knowledge of Ethiopian music through private lessons. Either Online or eventually, in person. Email Daniel at db@danielbarnesmusic.com